Entering July Contest


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You think I have a chance?

Beautiful veiled chameleon you have there. The photo is not as sharp as it could be and is out of focus in some areas. The background might be a distraction as well.
Oh well thank you. Maybe I should have photoshopped the background ... Im new at this and I have a crappy digital camera. The out of focus stuff isn't that important is it? To me it is more of an effect. But I already entered the picture in the contes. If I photoshop it can I re-enter it?
Until the entry deadline, you are welcome to edit or change your contest entry. However, any photoshop use other than image resize, crop, or label remover is not allowed.

The out of focus stuff isn't that important is it?
I can't say for sure how important it will be. I guess it would depend on the competition. It might not bother some voters, where as others might penalize the photo. This holds true for the background as well.
Oh ok thank you, I edited it anyways even though I can't enter it to the contest like that (I made the background white.)
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