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Chameleon Info:

Your Chameleon - Graceful, male, age unknown he is around 5-6 inches in the body and I've had him for 4 days

Handling - only when I had to move things in his cage although he is very friendly I have had no problems picking him up.

Feeding - medium Crickets from pet store - crickets are feed with broccoli and oranges some meal worms, - I have yet to witness the eating - I did find bitten in half meal worm but not sure if he ate the crickets or they just made a bid for freedom - I also put some mandarin oranges in a feeding bowl

Supplements - I have multi vits and calcium dusts for the crickets

Watering -I have set up a drip system and mist the cage twice a day and I have seen him drinking daily.

Fecal Description - I have had urates that are very white there was also an almost flourescent green substance in the bottom of his cage on day two not sure if it was fecal or not and again this morning although this morning it was attached to the urates it is no bigger than a dime.

History - Only had him for 4 days - Bought him at the local pet store, he is captive bred they did not tell me how old he is and I haven't been able to get back yet to ask them, he is about 5-6 inches in the body and head He moves around freely in his cage

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 3 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft 2 sides are mesh and 3 are solid walls

Lighting - zoo med repti sun hood with UVB 5.0 18inch fluorescent bulb his basking lamp is the repti basking spot lamp by zoo med 50w with double reflector

Temperature - basking zone is 88 and his cooler areas vary from this down to 72 and at night the cage is dropping to 66 - I did purchase a 50W heat lamp and a 50w moonlight lamp but unsure if I should use them or not I have read conflicting advice on this so at this time I am not using them

Humidity - is reading 50% at the lower end and after a good misting around 80%

Plants - all fake branches, jungle vines and leafy plants for hiding and dripping water.

Placement - IN the corner of the room 4 foot off floor his basking spot is at 7 foot and hidden by leaves

Location - Indiana USA

Current Problem - Just wanted to be sure I was doing everything right for Sparta


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First off, welcome to the forums!

Looks good for the most part. Don't use a light at night, even dim lights can disturb their sleep, and unless temps are dropping into the 50s you don't need it. You only need a heat lamp if your temps are too low. I don't know the range for gracefuls so maybe someone else will be able to guide you better there.

Don't use broccoli for gutloading because it contains high amounts of oxalates, which interfere with calcium absorption. This link has great nutritional info on commonly available fruits and veggies to use for gutloading. It's made for iguanas but the concepts are exactly the same. Aim for those higher in calcium than phosphorus and avoid oxalates and goitrogens.

He's a cute little guy! :)


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Thank you for the advice, and the compliment on Sparta. I went out yesterday and bought flukers gut load feeding cubes for the crickets and they were gobbling it down.

As for Sparta I made it to the pet store and found out he is 13 months old.

Again thanks for the advice :)
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