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I thinking about getting a veiled chameleon and for the enclosure i was planning on doing some kind of wood box with a screen door is that a good idea????
what do you mean wood box? You can use a wood frame if that is what you mean and the top and sides should be screened in then.
Chameleons need a lot of ventilation. I would consider doing the sides out of screen in addition to the top and door. I made one that's solid on the back and bottom but the rest is screened. It works really well for me. If you use wood make sure it is coated with a non-toxic water resistant seal well because all the water would destroy the wood in no time.
yeah the screen on top, side, and front was my second idea with a wood bottom and a wood back. what's an ideal age of a chameleon should i get for some one like me?
I would get something in the 4-months age area. They are a little hardier than the really small babies.
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