Enclosure upgrade?


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I have a 4-5 month old panther in a 16x16x22 screen cage. And I plan on purchasing the 6 month panther in this thread https://www.chameleonforums.com/6-month-old-sambava-4422/ .

I have a 24x12x24 cage that is ready for him to go in. But was wondering if i need to get a bigger one. I was thinking two 24x24x36 cages would be good for the two of them in about a month.

I would like to keep them in the smaller cages for a bit longer to ensure that they are eating well and everything.

So what do you think?
For a six month old chameleon, 2ftX 2ftX 3ft high is fine. I kept my adult panther in a 2ft X 2ft X 4ft high. They seems comfortable. Remember chameleon are aboreal species. They need the height and not so much the length and width.:D. I would go with the bigger cage for both of them. So, you wont need to get a bigger cage later when they matured. Just make sure food and water (misting and dripping) is easily available.
I have the pm-50 on my little cage now so it would be transferred to the other two larger ones in the future. Thanks for the response.

Any others...
24x24x48 will also get you more flexability with plant sizing. I put my plants on plant stands raising them up from anywhere between 1" to 12". As the plant grows I just use shorter stands. Plant stands also allow fo better drainage and they make it easier to keep things clean.
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