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I'm building a 2ftx2ftx4ft Cage for my female veiled and I was wanting to know if any of you had any tips for me or any cool ideas... I think I'm going to go with a tropical river theme like with rocks and twisted limbs and small river trees but maybe y'all have a better idea.... All help is greatly appreciated!
If you search in the Enclosures and Supplies Section you can find tons of photos of members enclosures.
I agree with carol. Just remember no standing water, and have plenty of horizontal branches with vines connecting them.
Two things I love and have implemented in my own cages:

1. Horizontal branches - I just went outside, cut branches down, and then cut them into 24" lengths to pin up againstthe sides of the cage. My chameleons seem to really love the stable,horizontal branches way more than just having a plant (which tends to have more vertical perches).

2. Hanging plants from the ceiling using something like fishingline - love this, it makes your plants like pothos look likethey're just floating in the air. And it leaves the bottom much clearer (fewer pots) so it looks neater and is easier to clean.
Ok thanks so much and what is mouth rot and whä does it look like? I don't think my Cham has it but there is a brown line all around her mouth like by teeth/ jaw or the opening of the mouth you can't see it from the outside
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