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hey everybody!

im new to the site and this is my first post. im planning to buy a jackson cham here in the next few weeks or so and have a few questions about its enclosure.

i already have one that i just got done building myself. its 22x22x42 so from my research it should house him for his whole life. i plan on going and buying some cham safe plants, lights, mister and thermo/hydrometer. am i missing anything?

also i have the cage right next to my bearded dragon cage in my living room. should i move it from there and put it somewhere else that has less traffic and away from my bearded dragon? its also by a window where it is now and will get plenty of sunlight.

im super pumped to get my first chameleon. ive always wanted one and i know they require a bit more care than other reptiles so i want to do whatever i can to keep him alive!


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Im kind of a new guy, so i dont much information for ya, but im gonna give you what i got!!! :D

Um, looks good. just dont forget those walking sticks and vines for him to climb on.

Welcome to the cham hobby :)

you do have a beardie. so thats good. you have some reptile experiance so its not like you have to start from absolutly nothing :)

Only thing ive got to warn you one. make SURE you get the right lights! UVB flouresant! Chams are very sensitive to the wrong lights, or without them you'll get MBD. The people at the store you buy the lights from (assuming you'll not get them online) usually know nothing about what lights they need. They sold me the wrong light without UVB! and my friend, they (different store) sold him the wrong light as well. So far pet shop people are 0 - 2 with getting me the stuff i need :mad: So just make sure YOU know EXACTLY what light you need when you walk in there!

I hope i added at least 2 cents in there.



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Go for it I kept my veiled in the living room and he was quite content although direct him away from the tv.I only moved him as he will get better sunlight in the kitchen I know they can't get uv through the window bit he loves the natural light and heat.hel be moved to the conservatory as the weather improves


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Welcome to the forum! I don't know too much about jacksons but I've heard that some peoples chams became stressed next to a bearded dragon...It's worth a shot though, if you notice he is stressed, you can always move him :) Also if you are getting a baby, that cage seems a little big. Although it will house him his whole life, the little ones have trouble catching their food if the cage is too big. Best of luck with everything :)


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thanks for the info guys! it helps alot. i cant wait to join the cham community. ill have pics up as soon as i get it.


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Make sure you have all the supplements and the proper schedule down too. He will probably end up being stressed by your dragon, so I suggest placing a barrier between the cages. Cardboard, opaque plastic sheet, some cloth/towel, or anything that he cant see through. If you want something more attractive, you can get a pretty forrest scene or something laminated or make a background for it.
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