Enclosure for aired climates with built in drainage


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I live in AZ and there is no way to keep moisture in my repticage even with a mistking. I think I need a dragon Stand but don’t want to spend 1500 on a cage, any other nice cages that have glass with drainage systems?


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Are you using a ultrasonic cool mist humidifier by any chance? I live in a very "Arizona" like climate here on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Almost a mile high here so air is already thin and dry and we get about 6in of precipitation a year. I mist twice a day for 2min each for my Veiled and run a humidifier all day as well as having a 3ft tall live Pothos. I turn the humidifier to low during the day and medium/high at night. Keeps his humidity between 45-55% during the day and 70% at night. The humidifier is 3ft away from his enclosurer so it's not like I'm fogging him out. I keep it running in his room and not pumping into his enclosure. Hope this helps.


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Foggers work, just make sure to clean often and use distilled.

I'm with brody on building one, waterproof some wood, or pvc sheets, or if you can use acrylic... anything solid. Make all the sides solid and just add a computer fan to clear the air every hour for a few minutes.
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