Enclosure change up!

Here pretty soon I’m going to completely do away with Roberts old cage. It’s served me well but when I went through Robert’s metabolic bone disease drama I had to quickly do away with his old enclosure and find this one. It’s nice but I have an even bigger one for him now, and I want to totally change it up for him. If everyone would submit some pictures of their enclosures for me so I can get some ideas I would be greatly appreciative!!
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This is my mini enclosure for Lily (female panther) until I'm able to get her 36x18x36 bioactive running, but who knows - it may give you ideas! :) It's a medium ReptiBreeze (16x16x30).


The enclosure megathread is fun to browse through too, though many of the older images are no longer available for viewing. You can find it here.
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