Emma and Nolan are formally betrothed


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Emma has been showing receptive colors in recent weeks and now that she's a year old and Nolan is 14 months old, I decided it was time to put them together. I was very fortunate because they immediately consummated their pairing! I got a couple of shots of them together, one with a flash and the other with just the light over the enclosure. Nolan exhibited coloration like I've never seen, especially around his eyes. Neither photo does justice to the colors.

Now I'm hoping for eggs in a few weeks. They should have beautiful babies, with Nolan being sired by Line Drive (Kammer) and Emma by Noki, who was sired by another Kammer stunner.

Emma and Nolan 07-04-13a.jpg

Emma and Nolan 07-04-13bjpg.jpg


Consummation goes waaaay beyond a betrothal!! :)

Congrats on the successful pairing; I hope it gives good results!

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