Emergency Veggies


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OK heres the deal - I normally stock pile food at the start of every month for my mini zoo , but with Christmas being very soon and family popping in and out etc..I got way layed & delayed with my normal pet food shopping for the month ..I grabbed an opportunity to step out quickly and grabbed some temporary
" hold over " food until I collected everything at once ..but as luck would have it I didn't judge for quite long enough and my doberman hurt her foot in the yard and off to the vet we went ( she's just fine now I'm the " worrisome parent " ..but it cost me 120.00 to find that out ( I'm disabled and income is limited ) so I have ran out of crics and we have finished off the last of the veggies we normally use .. I do have a small stockpile of veggies ( frozen ) for human food ..can anyone provide me with a list of frozen veggies that can be slightly nuked and safe for my cham ( veiled ) and bearded drag ? The huge bag in the freezer has carrots, broccoli, snap peas, red pepper, baby corn , & water chestnuts . I know I could scour the internet myself and see if its cool - But, I'd much rather rely on the experience of fellow herpers who know by what really works and is cool as supposed to someone who may be writing on something they don't really get. I only need to get through 10 days ...( and send my family home already ..lol ) Any help or suggestions would really appreciated ..I called Pet-Co and the lady there was about 20 something and sounded clueless. Thank You .
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