I got my chameleon 3 months ago. He has been doing great. he its crickets and mealworms from petsmart. today I noticed he is not using his back legs. he cannot grasp anything with them. he fell off a branch just now. what can it be?? dam it!!


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I'm sorry to hear that your chameleon is have a problem with his back legs. Please post some pictures of him so that we can try to help you.
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At the moment it would be best to take him to a vet as it does not really make a difference knowing what it is ...it makes a difference having a professional have a look at him...I'm assuming it has nothing to do with the fall as it's very improbable that just falling off a branch would disable both his hind legs...

Until you get him to a vet, put a towel at the bottom of the enclosure to soften any falls he might have again> at the same time lower all his perches and vines as not to climb high and then fall since he is using only his front feet ie hes only half as balanced at the moment!
Here is one....he is just using his front legs.....:(


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we are having some personal difficulties right now. cannot take him to vet.


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we are having some personal difficulties right now. cannot take him to vet.

Unfortunately your little one needs a vet. Most vets will not see an animal in difficulty like yours and will arrange easy pay back payments. As suggested you will need to make sure he doesn't fall again by turning his viv on its side and placing soft toweling on the bottom. There may be something in your husbandry that caused him to loose the use of his back legs. We can check that out if you fill in the form, link below.
Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Jackson, Male. Ive had him for about 3 months.
Handling - I don't hold him.
Feeding - 3 crickets a day. the next day mealworms. I gutload them with lettuce, carrots, and taters.
Supplements - reptocal. once a week. have not done it in a month.
Watering - yes he drinks. he actually likes to drink from the spray bottle itself. I hold it about 1 inch away and spay softly and he opens his mouth and drinks. about once a day.
Fecal Description - brownish/white looking.
Has this chameleon ever been tested for parasites? no
History - none. he has been doing fine. I did move him from inside the house to outside about 1 month ago. I though he liked it better.
Cage Info:
Cage Type - Screen. about 2 feet by 3 feet.
Lighting - when he was inside I would have the basking light above the enclosure. temp was about 80. Now he gets outside sun for about 3 hours in the morning.
Temperature - no lamp at night.
Humidity - thermometer. usually around 85% humidity.
Plants - yes. not sure.
Placement - outside under the porch. shade all day.
Location - South Texas.

Current Problem - is not using his back legs. he cannot grasp anything. I do notice one of his fingers on his back paw is swollen and looks white.


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yes, I notice that his foot looks swollen also. Really there is nothing we can do to help you. The vet is basically your only option. It is possible he has an infection in his foot and therefore he would need an antibiotic or some type of med. you say "now gets ouside sun" For how long has this been and how long has he gone without sun prior. No uvb light??


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His foot does look to be infected and swollen. You will need a vet fro this. Also are you not giving him plain calcium at least a few days a week?
calcium once a week. have not given it in about a month. once a week for sun. but he does get sun everyday in the morning. from 7 to around 10 then shade for rest of day. maybe something bit him. I will try and figure out how to take him to vet. thx.

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we are having some personal difficulties right now. cannot take him to vet.


Sorry to hear of the issues. I don't have answers, but that image is a bit concerning on the guages you have there. About 30% humidity and 110 degrees? That's definitely not what I would consider safe territory for this species.
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