Elodin (aka Deadleg)


I looove this little man! The patio pic was a month ago. The mad, mad, mad shot was a few days ago. No idea what triggered it. The cats were asleep in the other room, I was at my computer working for about an hour. I glanced up and he was puffed up. Couldn't resist a pic. lol

He is so outgoing. Likes to be handled, and enjoys closely supervised outside time on my Star Jasmine where he hunts hoverflies. And I woke up this morning to discover he's shedding. Love white helmet head!

Thanks Dr. O!! :D



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Aww, it's Deadleg! I saw this guy as a tiny jelly-bean of a baby at Dr. O's house. It's nice to see him all grown up. He looks great!


Thanks everyone. Olimpia he's about 10 mo. I'm bummed that I have to leave for 5 days and not see him finish his shed. My husband will be here its just you know ... lol

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