eggs starting to get dents

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these eggs from veileds were laid last saturday and starting to get dents is it cause there bad?
Either because they are infertile- which is VERY likely. Im confused about these, these are the ones laid just one week after mating? If so, yes infertile.

Secondly, eggs dent because they are dehydrated.
You need more moisture in your substrate. Be careful to not spray water on the eggs themselves or they will drown. Put more water around the eggs, rather than on top of them. Don't throw out the dented eggs as they can replenish themselves with moisture if it's not too late. Vermiculite works the best for incubating eggs. You want the moisture level to be wet enough to build a sand castle, but not so wet that when you squeeze it, water drips.

Good luck :)
these were from the females that laid eggs 11 days after mating and the eggs are a week old.
Personally, I'd toss them. I don't see how a chameleon would be able to fully develop eggs in 11 days. Less than 11 actually, since some of those days were spent with her Trying to lay them.
most of the eggs look dead , that being dents and mold starting now , the thing is theres abou 5-7 of them that look like they might be good as they have not dented yet and they swelled and look like a regular egg ,i dont know much about eggs but these 5-7 are very different from the rest i am gonna take a picture of them tonight.
Mold is a good sign of infertility. I would pull any that are molded and keep an eye on the rest.
some of these eggs are good,not many though like 5-6 i ordered 2 hovabators for the next batch of eggs , i am gonna incubate these ones that look good.
many of the eggs that were dented swelled up,they dont got dents no more ,some still do , there are about 6-7 that really swelled up and they look like regular eggs.the other night i mixed perlite with water and put eggs in it,i put the eggs in halfway , the 2 eggs that had mold i threw out. i dont see anymore mold on these eggs .
Very nice job :) . I am glad you didn't throw them away, and tried my suggestion above. You may have saved some babies! Eggs have a way to take in the moisture they need if it is provided to them and will even fully recover to nice beautiful eggs if they haven't been too dry for too long.

Way to go! :D
hmm i know this sounds bad, but if you put athletes foot powder, i mean a TINY TINY bit, on the mold, it will go away.

and the egg still hatched with a healthy veiled!
how do i find out if they are any good? they dont look nothing like the 6 that look the color of regular eggs. and lot of them got dents and mold , the ones that got just a little mold im leaving alone since i got 2 incubators , the ones that got dents and mold im throwing in the trash , i remember somewhere reading about blue mold and white mold , one of those colors i read mean the egg is dead.
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