Egg laying question


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So I'm new to breeding, and I've been doing a lot of research, but nothing I found can answer this question for me, so hopefully you guys can help me out.

Well my female panther laid her first clutch of eggs this past friday. They were scattered all over her cage, even though she has a live plant potted in dirt for her to lay in. I found multiple holes, but all of them were empty. The eggs were just scattered.

So question 1: what causes them to do this? I'm thinking she doesn't like the dirt? but i'm really not sure.

also, there's been twice since she's laid that i've found a lone egg in the bottom of her cage (once today and once monday I belive it was).

Question 2: is this normal? could she still have a few eggs to lay and is just having trouble? should I take her to a vet and make sure she isn't egg bound? She seems to be doing okay. She's eating/drinking and walking around just fine. She just seems a little bigger than I thought she'd be. Everywhere else I read said they would look super skinny after they lay. Well she definitely lost weight, but she doesn't look as skinny as I had anticipated. Does this mean she still has eggs?

Any help is greatly appriciated!!
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