Egg laying observation


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I am now on my second clutch and she laid 41 eggs this time. Woot!
Now the first clutch I had some problems which where resolved thanks to this forum.
I put her in a bin and she dug down and laid her eggs. This time I wanted to set up something more permanent. I want the nesting bin to be a part of her enclosure. I started with a smaller bin and it started collecting to much water due to the misting system. I did not want to reduce her misting system and thought about adding a drainage system. I ended up not doing this and just went to a bigger bin. I started getting to much water on one side and not enough on the other. Also the bin was to heavy for me to lift to put her back in her original placement. So I excavated half the dirt out and put a divider in. This kept the area moist that I wanted and allowed me to manually remove excess water. I felt like this was a better solution for me. My female seamed happy with it and was exploring to bottom for a place to lay. When she finally decided to dig she started digging on the side of the hill where the divider is instead of digging down from the top, she dug strait into the side of the hill. She laid her eggs and it was successful. I am not the most advanced of care givers and was wondering if this behavior was something to take notice of. I figure most breeders probably do not do what I did. So I think this would not be a option most breeders would see. All is fine and well, the eggs have been removed (easier to I might add), she is recovering well. Its literally just an observation. I am wondering If maybe when given an option to dig down or into the side of a hill if they would prefer the hill on a normal basis. Has anyone else done or noticed anything like this?
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