Egg-laying in veiled - how do you reduce clutch size/frequency?


Ok, so I've read that you can reduce clutch size/frequency in female veiled chams my limiting their eating and slightly reducing temps - is this true?

I'm a newbie and my female veiled is young, but I want to be prepared and make sure that once she's mature, I'm super ready for this egg laying business.

I believe her to be about 3-4 months old, and I've been feeding her ten small crickets a day. I also give her maybe five-ten mealworms per week, just because she loves them. Is that too much?

How much should I reduce feeding, and when? When she shows signs of being gravid for the first time, or sooner?


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You shouldn't reduce the feeding until she is full grown/sexually mature.
The idea is to keep her fed well enough that she isn't starving but that she is not being overfeed. IMHO its most important to do it at the beginning of the cycle.

Constant overfeeding can lead to reproductive issues, large clutches and even prolapses.


Thank you so much!

I noticed some indentations in the dirt of her umbrella plant, but as I stated before she's not sexually mature.
Is it possible that she's trying to lay anyway? I haven't seen her digging, but I'm not really surprised by that since she's super shy.

I went ahead and got a laying bin just in case... but am I being totally paranoid?


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I would say that you are being a little paranoid :) but that isn't a bad thing because you are being cautious and will probably be eager to learn more because of it. As kinyonga stated, she is really young still and needs the right amount of food to stay healthy. At 3 to 4 months you shouldn't be worry about her producing any eggs yet. Good luck with her!
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