Egg Laying Cycle-Veiled


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14 month veiled chamie.

Laid first eggs June 10th. Not fertile (39). When will she be due again?

I know I read some where 120 days, and somewhere 6 months. Please help. Any quick answers.

She's quite chubby these days and not as active and not eating as much. Just can't find link now and need to know if I should put laying bin back in.

Thanks a million everyone.


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According to a study done a couple of years ago there would be 120-130days between egg laying in veileds.


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You want to wait 6months. the more she breeds the shorter her life. egg producing requires huge amounts of calcium. it can be stripped from her bones and other tissues. also, after laying of one clutch, they can turn around in 30-45 days and lay a second clutch from stored sperm. that can be too high of a demand on her. watch and see, after she lays she will be hardly able to get out of the laying bin. That is if she can muster the energy to get out of it. always have calcium dusted food (& silkworms if possible) & h2o for her immediately after she is done laying. watch her for next two days, make sure she has everything she needs.


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Healthy females in my experience have no trouble getting out of the egglaying bin and returning the branches.
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