Egg incubation preparation?


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So I read somewhere that it's important to make sure the eggs (I have panther chameleon eggs, just laid today) are facing the same way in the incubator that they were when they laid, as rotating them can cause the air pocket to suffocate the embryo. How important is this?? I've been doing a lot of research the past few months before I bred, but I had not read this until today, and I had already moved my eggs. If this is important, is there any way I can find the air pocket and place them right side up? (like a flash light or something?) please let me know asap!! thanks!


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i believe its okay to rotate them right after they are laid as they havent attached to the side of the egg yet. as soon as you get them into the container for incubating (ASAP), do not rotate them. they will soon become attached to the egg and can then be suffocated if moved. this is my understanding but im sure more experienced members will chime in with their knowledge. i am not 100 percent sure so dont quote me!!

ps, welcome to the forum!! would love to see some pics of your chams! :D
If you dig them up right away, they can be moved. Dig them up, put them in your medium inside of an airtight container (no air holes), close it up, and leave them be in a dark, temp-controlled place. You can open them every month to check on them, but don't move them, and make sure you close your lid tightly. With no air holes, you won't lose any humidity:)
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