Educational Reptile Zoo - thoughts needed please


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Good afternoon...

I was thinking about this, having a small mobile educational reptile performance like thing lol. I know that there's some like this already. But I think that it would be an awesome way to educate today's and tomorrow's children. I was planning on going back to school next year after my husband gets out of his school. I was wanting to go in for small business ownership etc. I want to open my own exotic reptile store + pet sitting faculty.

But wouldn't it be neat to have someone go to schools, big pet sales companies, fairs, etc to educate people about the awesomeness of these beautiful reptiles? Not just Chameleons, but snakes (big and small), bugs, etc.

It's just a thought. :)


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YES! That sounds like an amazing idea. Not to sure where the profit would come in, but cost would only be upkeep, gas, and mantience after the intial startup cost. But the idea itself is great and well needed. Kids need to know (the truth) about reptiles BC even many pet store workers don't know enough and before they go buying one or playing with a wild one they should be informed.

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the sad thing is..when all these new laws kick in- you will also have to pay for permits for all of them - I think the laws are needed- but they are going wayyy to far - micro chipping turtles - really :mad: at least that is how Ohio is going - it all came from the crazy man who let lose all those big cats and other animals , now they are going after everything - I get calls about every other day to take in things that will be illegal in Jan - I even got a call about an ALLIGATOR :eek: but education is very needed ;)
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