Ebay mantis egg cases


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Everyone is driving the prices way up on the egg cases on Ebay. I was wondering if anybody knows where I could look to find an egg sac here. I know they adhere them to sticks. High or low? Where most likely?
ebay mantis eggs

I bought from a seller who had the 'buy now' option. I think it was about 10 bucks for 15 oothecas which produced hundreds of mantises each. Sorry, I can't remember the sellers name.
Thanks guys, but I meant literally... me going out into the sticks to hunt for an egg sack. I was wondering what the laying habits/preferences of the mantis are?
I found 2 of them in a bush on a part of the bush that was dried out and dead. I got lucky I just kind of looked while walking and there they were. I think they are mantis egg sacks I will find out soon enough.
Wow Clay, that's exciting. I have a place where I'm on the hunt this weekend. Hope it's not too late. I hatched the one I got from ebay a while back in Fractal's cage 10" or so away from his basking light. They were everywhere. Now I know to make an "umbrella" of smaller screen to hold them in longer. I think of them as See's candy for my cham. :D
if u have any open fields nearby that are covered in very tall plants, sticks, etc. u are most likely to find them there. i have a buddy who has this and we find egg cases literally EVERYWHERE.
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