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As some of you may know, my chameleon Archie has been having a problem where he has completely lost his appetite, however after almost a couple of weeks now, I'm happy to say he's finally eating again! But with this awesome news I also have a concern. As I was offering him his crickets, I didn't expect him to eat them, so it came as a surprise when he did. I wish I knew he would've eaten then I would've doused them in his medication that I still have to give him. Anyways, after he ate, I had to really stress him out giving him his medication, I tried offering him another cricket with the medication on it but he didn't want another one. The stress he had to go through to ingest his medicine was pretty immense, which led me to wonder if Archie would associate getting food to high levels of stress. I know this sounds kind of stupid, but I'm being a bit superstitious, because I know chameleons associate things to other things, and I would really hate for him to not want food again.


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So try other feeders. Or try other feeding methods. Feed him from a bowl, feed him from a diy cup feeder, tong feed him. Unfortunately, even without the medical stuff, they will go on feeder strikes. Thats why we say get them to eat multiple feeders, so when they do go on a cricket strike, you have backup feeders that they like.
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