easiest way to keep baby chameleon

what would be the easiest way to keep my 9 baby veiled so i can keep a close watch on them and make sure that all 9 are eating. with out having a bunch of cages setup for each one. right now i have them spilt into 2 group 1 group of 5 is in a 15 gallon tank and the second group of 4 is in a 10 gallon tank both have uv light on them and are sprayed 3-4 time a day. i notice a few look smaller than the others. the crickets are dusted with miner-all I and rep-cal with d3. miner-all is every other day crickets are dust 1 time a day and i put cricket in 2 times a day. any idea will help right now i have no space for any new cage. it summer time and i have over 100 animals to watch over.
i try that one before, i also made one out ot the plastic ice cream tub that worked better and i also used a cricket bucket ( the round ones with screen all the way around it. i need some thing that doesn't take up to much space. i'm out of places to keep cages in my critter room and cats coom into the house all the time
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