Earth worms

I'm thinking about buying earthworms from a fishing store for my veiled cham.
I don't see it on the lists of food and wonder it they might harbor
amoeba or something that could harm the veiled. Have you heard good or
bad things about earthworms? Thanks.
I've asked on here about redworms. From what I understand, redworms/earthworms are okay to feed it, but the problem is that they fight back too much and the chameleon loses interest.
I haven't tried it yet but I'm going to today when I get home. I'll let you know how he reacts to them.
Thank you so much for the info. I'm new to chams. Mine is 5 months old
fat and sassy! I'll read your forum Q&A's to see if it will tell me how to post
pictures of my cham cutie. Have a colorful day.
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