Early breaking Repashy news! Calcium Plus reformulated!!

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although i (cough:cool:) had advance knowledge of Allen Repashy working on a re-formulation of Calcium Plus, it’s still pretty exciting to see it finally come to market!!

From Allen’s Press Release:

Repashy New Product Press Release:

Repashy is the first and only Reptile Supplement manufacturer to offer a Calcium / Vitamin D Supplement in three versions. Our revolutionary “SuperCal” series consists of High, Medium, and Low Vitamin D formulas for meeting the requirements of reptiles, based on a combination of species sensitivity and captive UVB exposure.

By popular demand, Repashy has now followed up on this successful format, and is proud to introduce a High, Medium, and Low Vitamin version of our “All-in-One” Vitamin, Mineral, Trace Element and Carotenoid Supplement “Calcium Plus”. These formulas are different from each other in ratio similar to the SuperCal series. The original “Calcium Plus” is not going to change. This is our Medium Vitamin Level product. Calcium Plus contains a full spectrum of Vitamins that are balanced to each other at optimal ratios. The ratio of these vitamins in the new products will remain unchanged, so the levels of all vitamins will be higher or lower in their respective versions.

The new Calcium Plus “HyD” has twice the vitamin levels of the regular Calcium Plus formula and is designed for basking species with high UVB requirements. It is recommended for species which are kept indoors with low levels of UVB lighting or little to no exposure to natural sunlight. It will also be a very effective tool for therapeutic use in reversing hypo-vitamintosis A and D. Vitamin D minimum guarantee level is 40,000 IU per pound, while actual inclusion level is 50,000 IU per pound.

Again, the Original Calcium Plus Formula will not change. This Product will continue to be the industry workhorse and is still going to be the product of choice for 75% of Reptiles and Amphibians kept under typical captive conditions. Basking species kept under typical UVB lights do quite well on this formula, as well as those who receive occasional exposure to direct sunlight. This formula also works quite well for sensitive species kept with little or no UVB exposure. The levels of Vitamin D in this product are ten times lower than some products on the market sold for general use. Vitamin D guaranteed minimum is 20,000 IU per pound, while actual inclusion level is 25,000 per pound.

The new Calcium Plus LoD has one third of the Vitamin Levels of the Original Calcium Plus. This formula is designed for sensitive species kept indoors under typical UVB lights and basking species kept outdoors, or under high powered UVB lamps and long day/night light cycles. The vitamin levels in this formula are quite low and suitable for use on all but the most sensitive species that are kept outdoors under direct natural sunlight. Vitamin D guarantee is 8,000 IU per pound and actual inclusion levels are 8,333 IU per pound.

This new selection of “All-in-One” supplements will give the advanced hobbyists and breeder, the tools they need to optimally keep all species of Reptiles and Amphibians based on their individual requirements and their captive conditions.

congratulations, Allen!! :)
This is exciting, although the original formula could easily be cut with SuperCal NoD to make the low version. I stayed away from the original Cal+ because I felt its levels were too high for daily use but I may just try out the low version on my little guy if others have success. Even though I have been having great success on my current schedule that uses 5 different dusts.
Have you any idea when this product will be available in UK?

right now they are available to wholesalers; as they are shipped out they will arrive at retail locations.

and now….roll drums…..the labels for the new bags!!

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