Dust Type?

Chamomile T

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Hi, I was wondering if Sandfire Super Foods Chameleon Dust by T-Rex is a good cricket dust?? If not what is a really good brand?
Most recommend using Rep-Cal Calcium with D3 for chameleons that live indoors, without D3 for outdoor chameleons, and Rep-Cal Herptivite with beta carotene as the vitamin supplement.
My personal preferance is Miner-All I for indoor chams, and Miner-All O for outdoor. Thats the calcium and mineral supplement. And I use Herpnutrition's vitamin supplement that was developed by susan donaghue. They make a 2 lowland formulas and 2 montain formulas as well.
we have Herpcare cricket dust. it has D3 in it... is it okay?
(they live indoors)
I'd probably stear clear of it and use one of the better known forumulas mentioned above. "cricket dust" really doesn't say what its good for. Is it a calcium supplement?? Or a vitamin supplement?
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