Dull colors

I've got a 2.5 month old veiled chameleon that is not himself lately. His colors seem to be really dull instead of the vibrant green he had as a little baby. I also noticed that he hasn't been moving that much. I'm a little concerned..

Cham Info:

Lights: 100 Watt basking bulb exo terra and T5 linear reptisun uvb

Basking spot: around 80-85

Humidity: 50-60% all day, i spray in morning and evening

Food: crickets, dubias, silk worms as a treat, locust and small dragonfly's i catch in the garden. I dust daily with pure calcium and vitamins once per 2 weeks, in routine with d3 once in 2 weeks.

Enclosure: screen cage from 61x61x122 cm


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Chameleon Queen
Did you move the cage? Change anything around the cage?
What's the tall white thing to the left of the cage?
Has he been tested for parasites?
Is it warmer in his room lately?
I changed the entire cage, he was in a smaller glass one first..( huge mistake on my part) room temperature is good around 20 degrees celsius. The white thing is my closet. Yes went to the vet 2 weeks ago en his poo is perfectly clean!
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