Dubia Infestation


Had dubias in my custom enclosure and after 6 months have still found some here and there in the enclosure even tho there was no food source. Recently had to put my veiled down and was clearing the enclosure out. This morning came downstairs and stepped on and crushed a large dubia on the stairs. Chances of an infestation in my apartment? or have they really somehow survived all this time?


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Dubias have some requirements to live and thrive. Even though you didn’t feed it in the enclosure they were probably just feeding off your Chams waste.


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gross. I think Dubias are more than capable of reproducing in our homes... they may not infest like german cockroaches and crawl all over the place, but I believe they can survive and breed just fine. I'm terrified of escapees in my house heh.


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I think you are find, i find ecapes all the time.

unless conditions are "floridia", the young will die molting, and the queens will die giving birth(literally explode).

Even if the adults get out, they will just hang around for a few weeks months, they can not really reproduce, and they can not eat "german cockroach food".
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