Dubia frequency?


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How often do you guys feed your chams Dubia roaches? I have very picky eaters here. I make sure already that my guys have a lot of variety- Hornworms, crickets, Butterworms, roaches, superworms. They eat pretty good.. I'm really just asking if anyone has found a problem like constipation from feeding them "too much" roaches- and how much that was.

Thanks for sharing your experience
Dubias are one of my staple foods.

My Veileds and Panthers all get Dubias, Crickets and Red Racers (just started these) at every feeding. I supplement in some random bugs for treats (Hornedworms, silk worms,Super Worms, and a few others every so often).
I use them as a staple also. My adult veileds love the adult male dubia. A couple of those or 8 to 10 crickets. The dubia are actually the same about price per meal.
I feel good feeding my chams Dubias. IT's a meal!! IT's big enough that I know they ate well. It has a pleasant crunch. My veiled will be one of those who ends up eating a hummingbird someday!

How about the bigger roaches?
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