Dubia feeding frenzy...NOT


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So my local reptile shop started selling cups of little dubias. I had read how these are great feeders and how chams love the. I just put them in his cup this morning, about 5 of them. He crawled down to his cup, looked around and walked away. :confused: Are dubias not attractive to all chams? I know they are moving around in the cup cause I can hear them. I even threw in 2 crickets...he is not interested. Ideas?
He is about 4 months old...veiled cham.

We got some dubias to try feeding them to our panther. We've had them for about 2 months, and he's eaten 2. Not sure why he doesn't like them.
Try giving him freshly molted ones, they turn white when they are freshly molted and seem to be more attractive. You can also flip them on their back and their little legs usually start kicking and that attracts chams too.
Try this , it makes great target
Actually I did that exact thing you are showing, but with a deli cup and a dowel in the middle. He is now eating them up yum. :)
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