Dubia at what age?


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Just curious at what age would you recommend trying dubia. My female panther is coming up on 3 months give or take. She's getting noticeably bigger which is exciting and just finished her first shed since I got her which was also exciting. She is about 4.5 inches to vent. Besides crickets I had silkworms for her which she did ok with to start, but I bought 100 and more have died than have been eaten. Either they are perceived (by her) as too big and she puffs up and opens her mouth and she avoids them or she doesn't find them in the mealworm cup/on the ficus branches. So these have been mostly wasted and I still have 50 that I'm trying to keep smallish...
Anyway, I've been considering Dubia, but I wanted to know how young can I start and how fast do they grow? I kind of have a phobia of roaches because in my line of work they represent the dirtiest places I visit and I'm afraid of getting some disease or something... I don't know... they just gross me out, but I want to offer my girl variety and she needs stuff that moves to get her attention. So I was gonna feeder cup some Dubia, but I'm a little afraid they are going to grow faster than I can get rid of them. I suppose if that were the case I could start a colony, but I'm a little scared to do that too haha. Sorry for rambling... I'm kinda tired. Please advise! :p

Dubia are quite different than your every day motel roach haha. In regards to if she can eat them. If she can eat 1/4" crickets, she can eat 1/4" dubia. They are quite squishy. It all depends on the measurement between the eyes. If you keep them around 68-72 F they do not grow fast. From being born to adults can take 4-6 months depending on heat/humidity and food.

My 10-11 week panther females are eating dubia right now, just started them on them last week.

As far as movement, dubia aren't known for being big time attention getters with movement, but do move some. If she will cup feed, that's the best way to feed them dubia. Mine the second I throw one in their cup it's gone. The act of it dropping into the cup is enough for them to go over there.
you can also try throwing some superworms or other wrigglers in the cup w/ the dubia and that keeps all of them movin
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