Dry Gutload

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I would be happy to make dry gutload for you. These are the basic ingredients:
ground dried alfalfa (protein, vitamins including K)
shredded dried dandelion leaves (calcium, vitamins)
powdered dried seaweed and algae (iodine, calcium, magnesium, protein)
ground seeds and nuts (such as sesame squash millet and sunflower seeds, almonds) (B vitamins, folate, potasium, iron, copper, magnesium, selenium, lecithin, protein, Vitamin K)
ground (dead and dry) garry oak and maple tree leaves (tanins, fibre)
ground dried berries (sweetness, antioxidants)
brewers yeast (B vitmains including folic acid, chromium, selenium)
$9 for 250grams or $16 for 500 grams, plus shipping. 500 grams = 1.103 lbs
If you send me your postal/zip code I can give you a price on ground shipping.
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