Dry fly gutload


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Anyone got a formula they use, I have a health store close by wanted to try any dry recipes before the wet. I am getting a couple hundred blue bottle flies
someone on this board, a while ago, had formulated a "secret recipe" that he swore by...not sure if he ever made it public though

powdered bee pollen, powdered milk, multi vit, powdered spirulina are all common dry gutloads for BBs
You are kinda limited on the gut load.
bee pollen
powdered milk
fruit juice(other than apple/orange)
reptile vitamins dissolved in some of the above.

PS: while disgusting to clean, its a good idea to not leave the liquids in a bowl, but soaked into something like a paper towel or cotton ball.
I copied and pasted this from another post...

Here's a good fly food recipe I got from Kammerflage:

Since the flies emerge with empty stomachs, you will want to "gut-load" the flies to make them nutritious for your chameleons. You can mix a soft-boiled egg (mashed to a smooth consistency) with a few teaspoons of plain yogurt, baby rice cereal and some honey.

Just make sure it's pretty thick and sticky and smear some on the side of the fly container. I made my first batch too liquidy and drowned almost all of my flies and pupae!
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