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Was just wondering whats the best way to go about drip systems,
homemade or bought in?
And if i do buy in what sort should i go for?
Thanx aaron
There are several methods... From my experience... I have tried the "Big Dripper" and the nozzles it came with clogged up after a week, and I used purified water! Then I bought some cheap nozzles at home depot and poked a 3/16" hole in the bottom of the cup and attached the nozzle directly and it works perfectly! I don't even use a hose I just let it drip directly from the nozzle through the mesh and onto some leaves. Also, a neat trick I was told by a forum member was to put ice cubes on the top of your cage... I was a little skeptical at first, but it does work. Mine will go over and start drinking it as it drips.
For a Drip system I poke a small hole or holes in a cheap plastic cup and place on top of the screen, positioned over plants/vines to drip and run down. Works perfect no hassles and cheap as possible! I also use thumb tacks to poke the holes but I dont push them through youll get the idea if you go that route.

For misting I wouldnt mind a system though. Im so used to hand pump pressurized spray bottles but it works good and I have the time to spray so thats all that matters to me. Ill eventually invest in the Monsoon Rain System by Exo terra when I go for the misting system. its Simple all in one system sprays up to 8 Terrariums and comes with a simple built in timer. Plus a 1 Gallon Reservoir attached so its fairly concealed and not to bulky.
It has been pretty dry here in Florida this winter and I have been spending my whole day spraying chams. So, I finally decided to drip my guys. I have some drippers and you spend a lot of time fiddling with the little gizmos trying to get the perfect drip but as soon as the water goes down an inch ot two you have to readjust the dripper. Well, I found the perfect free dripper. GET THIS!

Take a clean 1/2 gallon cardboard milk jug - not plastic - and a push pin thumb tack. Start pushing it through about 1/2" up from from bottom just until the tip starts to go through. Do NOT push it all the way through. You want a teeny tiny hole. Cut the top half of the milk jug away and fill with about 4" of water and watch it drip out the hole. It should drip perfectly until empty. Put it on the top of your cage. I support it with something so I don't bend the screen. I let it drip through my greenery and catch the drips in a plastic container on the bottom or anything bigger then the amount of water it needs to catch. I always make sure I have something over the top so my guys don't fall in and drown. There is a lot of big plastic mesh you can get cheap at home depot or at a craft store. Nothing like plastic clothes pins, to hold things together.

This works great. My guys like to hang out under the drip even if they aren't drinking. They look so silly - taking a shower is really fun to watch.
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