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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by RLover09, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. RLover09

    RLover09 New Member

    I need to know the do's and don'ts of the drip system with cham and spraying them. I read somewhere to only do it a couple of hours a day but I am nerves that if I take it out then he wont get enough water... Help someone...

    Thanks from a new worried mom....
  2. cushcameleon

    cushcameleon New Member

    How often are you misting a day? Before I got my mistking, I used my dripper for about 8 hours of the day. Chameleons needs lots of water, normally the more you can provide, the better.
  3. RLover09

    RLover09 New Member

    Today I did 4 times good misting...
  4. cushcameleon

    cushcameleon New Member

    How long are you misting for?
  5. jojackson

    jojackson New Member

    My prefrance is for continuous dripping during daylight hrs and for the same reason.
    Misting is fine but I dont ever rely on it soley. Your cham dosent know its supposed to drink when you mist :)
    When Homer was a hatchling I misted alot for fear of dehydration, he must've thought
    he was a fish. These days I only mist when hes shedding pretty much, sometimes just to
    clean the plant leaves that dont get wet from the dripper.
    Once you learn your particular lizards habits (drinking) you will find continuous dripping during the day provides the best opportunity for it to drink when it wants to.
    Misting can/does stimulate drinking, but your lizard has not lost its self preservation instincts because its captive, it will drink when its thirsty, provided its able to, hence continuous opportunity is best imo.
    Gutloading your lizards insects/worms with nutritious and moist fruit/veg will ensure better moisture content in its food and goes a long way toward releiving concerns of dehydration also.
    best wishes :)
  6. RLover09

    RLover09 New Member

    I would feel a lot better if I could I would see him drink... He kept climbing on the plant that the drip system drips on but all he did was climb right back under the light... I think he's doing good, he looks normal and he's eating just fine. He had 7 crickets this morning 5 waxworms in the after noon and 12 crickets at night... I normaly don't feed him in the afternoon but he didn't eat much this morning.... He was a little piggy....:D He's favorite is wax worms and I wish I could feed him those all day but I cant....
  7. chambabysitter1

    chambabysitter1 New Member

    You should be feeding him in the morning. Not more at night.

    Also, it takes a while to stimulate a chameleon to drink. Try misting for 5-10 or even more minutes.
    If you still don't see him drink, it is quite possible he is shy and will only drink when you are gone. Keep an eye on his urates.

    Good luck.

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