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Ok ive had my oustalet shoe horned into a xl repibreeze over the winter with a draciana and a potho with the pot out side the plant. I took the door off and had several branches sticking out into the room over a foot. Even with this setup it was very hard to keep him under the light, and the family was kinda trained to shoe him under the misters when they went off during the day. Still always has some orange in poo...

Anyway now hes in a 29x48x72 cage. I cant mist the entire area, so its kind of luck of the draw if hes in the 2sqft area that i can mist when the misters go off.

Since he wont dropper drink (unlike every other lizard in the house) if i should just make a dedicated "drinking hole" with a plant and a constant drip or something. Hes a closet drinker so manual spraying till he drinks just causes him to run away after a minute. I do not know if he drinks off the leaves anymore since hes huge.
There is a few thing you can do and with such a large cage you should probably just do them all. Set up a large dripper to drip onto a plant during the day. Also most chams do run from mist unless the water is hot. Get a bug sprayer type application system and fill with hot water, the water will cool down drastically when turned into mist. Most chams will still run for awhile but will soon get used to it and love it.
May i ask why you cant mist the whole cage? If its just because you only have on nozzle, i suggest you buy two new nozzles that are double headed for a cage that size. Or just one and use it along with your other.

I'd also have a dripper going most of the day.

If he hates being misted, try using a raindome method. not sure what misting system you're using, but go to Aquazamp.com and get the raindome or two. They can be hooked up to any 1/4 inch tubing that most misters use.
my cham never drank from a dripper either, untill i added ONE more in a back corner where I can hardly see him. Ever since i've put it in a place he's comfortable around he's been drinking. Maybe you can move your dripper around to see where he likes it best? Mine just drips from the top of the cage, onto some fake foliage, and onto a jungle vine.

Raindomes help my cham drink aswell, so maybe you can check into that. You can make a DIY for pretty cheap too.
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