Drainage help


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I am looking for a drain pan of some sort, I was going to tile the enclosure but I am worried that it wont work like I was hoping.


Depth 21inches
height 43 inches
Width 34.5 inches

I really would like a insert, I have seen many ways to do drainage but I really want this to be clean as possible. I am not worried about budget for this is a project and I want it to look amazing.

Please give links or advise where I can find drain pans with drain included, I can PVC the piping


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Long time no see, I hope all is well for you. Good to see you again sir.

I appreciate the links, who is the owner of DragonStrand? I was hoping to speak with him directly due to my dimensions are not like most cages. I found some options that work but if he was one that would fit my dimensions better I may go ahead and order his.


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That seems like a very specific set of dementions, I don’t think you’ll find that on a shelf anywhere. Have you ever laid fiberglass?
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