Dr. Appt visit!😊

Today I took Nolan to the doctor with concerns about his tail. I thought it could have been possibly fractured. After a full examination Nolan’s doctor said that he was completely healthy and there was no concerns for Nolan! He is also 96 grams now and a big healthy male😁. I would recommend taking your chameleon to the vet every 6 months for a general check up at minimum and find a doctor you can really trust! Nolan is Dr. Woodley’s favorite patient and is treated with the upmost care. In the 1st photo there’s a picture of Nolan’s previous fractures when he was really sick with super early signs of MBD that we caught and fixed! In the 2nd photo it’s a picture of Nolan completely healthy and recovered, no broken or fractured tail. It was momma just being a worry wuss.


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