Double Checking

Hello All! I am in the near future of adopting a translucent male juvenile veiled chameleon. Wow that is a mouth full. I have a 2x2x4 enclosure, I prefer to keep my young ones with roaming space, why coop them up. I cup feed about 5-10 crickets a day for babies and then the same amount but every other day for adults. However, I have always kept female veiled chams and their basking temp is in the low 80's. When researching I find that male veiled need about a 90-100 degree basking temp... is this what I should shoot for?

Also I have repashy supplements:
supercal NoD a calcium supplement( each feeding )and a Calcium Plus LoD as the multi-vitamin every 4 days (once a week) I also purchase their gel for gut loading crickets.....

His enclosure has pothos plants and I made the basking spot 6-7 inches from my bulb. Any errors I have made PLEASE let me know. I want to be doubly sure I take care of my little guy properly before he arrives. :)
You will need a better gutloading regiment otherwise your Cham will slowly decline from malnourishment.
Also don't use coil UVB bulbs you need a T5HO linear bulb.
Gutloading 101.jpeg
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