Don't take my picture!


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I am a proud Chameleon Mom. Leon is 13 weeks old! He did not like having his picture taken!
cute. Nice photos, its difficult to get photos of your pets freaking out like that sometimes, but when you do they;re always full of character!!! Whas he angry or was he yawning? i've seen mine yawn that big before! anyways very nice!

very cute! He looks like he is filled with piss & vinegar (as the saying goes). The first oic cracked me up! Welcome to chameleon addiction!!

lele-I am thoroughly chameleon addicted-LOL! I guess there are worse things to be addicted to! I got this guy for my Husband, but he is all mine!

Marxous-He was thoroughly pissed! He cracks me up!-He takes 2 gulps-puffs up, and out comes the chin!
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