Dome lamp size and holder question


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Hi all, I am setting up my new adult cage (24x24x48 DIY) and am wondering what size Dome heat lamps are used/recommended. I see 5 1/2", 7", and Zilla has a 8.5" for cheap.

2nd question, I currently have on my smaller exo terra 18x18x24 cage a zoo med mini dual dome lamp. I would like to raise it so it is not sitting on the screen. Exo Terra has a lamp holder that sticks to the back of the terrarium .. Anybody have exsperience with this. They also make a more expensive stand, but would like to use this if it works ok. Thanks
Hey Ralph, I've used both 10" and the smaller 7" or 5". 10" seems to work better IMO, 5" or 7" has a pretty small focus area. No experience with the exo terra light holder but zoo med version is nice and adjusts pretty high.

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