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I want build a free range for my chameleons, but we have three dogs. The room I want to build it in is pretty much just open (it's kind of a big open door/windows type deal??) to where the dogs mostly stay. I want to build it in the corner of the den next to the couch right by the windows. I've attached pictures (sorry the second one is so blurry) so y'all can see what I mean. Anyway, I want to know if it will stress the chameleons out too much being able to see the dogs?


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Its all about the attitude of the dogs/chams. Some people here have chams that will jump on the dog for a ride if the dog walks by the free range. Some of my chams would tolerate smelling, others would nail the dog in the nose and even chase it.

That aside, my main concern would be getting the cham ran over when someone rings the door bell etc. The cham will not stay in the free range forever and will wonder.


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Whenever the chameleons were out, I'd plan on keeping the dogs in their pen - so there wouldn't be any physical interaction. Also, I want to put the tree that I use for the main part of the free range down in an extra large flower pot so that even if my chameleons climb down the tree they couldn't get up the sides of the flower pot and would be contained that way.


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It would definitely depend on the dogs and the chams disposition. Also it is very true that the chamleon will not stay put in the free range. You may want to look in to ways of keeping him in like a low wall around the bottom that he cannot climb. My panther is known to come walking down the hallway to check out what we are doing in the computer room. This is why I either keep his bedroom door shut when he is out in his free range, or have to keep the dogs locked downstairs and a close eye on him. My Jackson doesn’t wander much, but I did find him one day on top of the panthers cage on his way to the other side of the room.


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Yeah, I was thinking of using a large flower pot as a sort of wall so that they won't be able to get away.
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