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Good evening...

I'm having this slight issue with my landlord. There's a tree that's threatening to fall and break the fence. I don't want my dog or cat wandering the neighbors yard. The Landlord and the neighbor talked about the tree and both agreed that they wont fix it if it happens. So I know that my dog and cat want to be outside.

So I'm thinking about making a portable pen with shelter.
I'm thinking about making the shelter part 36"x48x60". Two parts to it: Top part will have a spot for our cat. A spot for the litter box, bed, scratch post, food and water dish. Then a separate spot (locked) for the cat food and cat litter.
Bottom part: should have enough room for 2 dogs (if we get another do). Then like the top, there will be a locked department for dry food.

The pen itself will have 3 separate panels of 48"x60". I want to get a tarp to cover the top. I plan on having removable shelves for our cat so she can move around if she doesn't wat to get in the grass with my dog. Then I want to put in a enclosure for my beardie too.

My dog, cat, and beardie all get along. They think that my beardie is the boss since he chases them. But the other reason why I want to do this is because our landlords cats are mean to our cat. They have chased her and have cornered her a few times.

But that's what I would like to do. Any suggestions would be great! Thank you
That sucks. Well, your cat can get out right now if it wants to. Fence or no fence. As for the dog, have you thought about using a tie-down stake? I know Costco gets some good kennels for pretty cheap. Depending on the size of your dog, I would choose accordingly. What's the size you need? Making a kennel can be done, but I have found it to be around the same price as just buying a kit. Good luck Lady.
My dog is pretty small. She's about the same size as my cat, mixed Chi/Corgi. My cat will only go out of the yard if I'm out of the yard. She's gotten in trouble for leaving the yard where we use to live so guess that she learned. Lol

The other reason I wanted to do something like this is because the landlord has claimed that their dog was shot with a BB gun from the other neighbors don't want my dog hurt.

If we move which we might soon (crossing fingers) we might be taking our friends dog with us. She's a German shepherd mix.
So... my dog is too destructive and my cat is too mean to their cats...

Hmm... my dog has never destroyed anything in her live.
AND well my cat hisses at their cats because they use to chase her.
My landlords suck!!!!
If you type "cat enclosures" you'll get a ton of great ideas, my favorite for years is this page: in Australia it is a good idea to keep cats locked up I guess. (a good idea anywhere if you ask me). Most cat enclosures would work fine for a little dog too.

Really some 2x4s and wire mesh is all you need. If you make panels like you want it would be easy to take apart and move.

After some talking with hubby's grandparents, they want to get us an RV. Which is very understandable. My husband has another year to go in school and we don't know where we are going to end up. Even though there will be my husband, son, cat, do, Chameleons, and beardie we'll just have to make it work.

So here's part of the solution.

Gives my cat and dog plenty of room outside. 24x30x36
Top for my cat - enough room for litter box and sleeping area. Going to try getting her access into the RV when she wants.
Bottom for my dog - enough room for her to sleep and pet food storage.
Pen 4x4x3 covered and removable
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