Does my guy look to skinny?


So I’m curious to just see if my guy is a little too skinny or to fat .. I seem to think that he’s got a little belly on him and I should slow down feeding just a bit, I feed him 12-15 medium/large crickets a day along with some meal worms later in the day if he still seems hungry. Another question is I haven’t seen my little guy change a lot of different patterns then the ones shown I’m not sure if that a good sign or not. He seems to me to be super healthy and is like not aggressive at all expect for when I scare him a bit spit cleaning the cage other than that he’s pretty friendly and I’m doing everything right as far as I’m concerned so any advice, tips, suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You !


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first mealworms = BAD they cause impaction of the digestive system, also ur guy looks fine but a little pudgy I would slow down the feeding and start feeding a variety like silk worms hornworms BSF BSFL roaches and superworms this will ensure that your cham gets nutrients and treats not just the same crickets everytime
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