does anyone here have an ambanja chameleon? i need help !


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she isn't eating normally she ordinarily is happy to eat out my hand, and is very greedy .... but she seems to be in a mood and won't eat as normal and is frequently going quite dark, her temps and humidity are normal, i haven't changed anything i have been doing since i have had her....also she hasn't shed for about 5 weeks..... is she ill???
Welcome to the forums. Sorry to hear about the changes in your little one. She could be sick or she might have eggs. How old is she? Does she have a laying bin? Do you have a recent picture?
my guy gets testy when he's about to shed too; eats less and relaxes his colors a bit. Most likely its just a oncoming shed, but its good to fill out the link sandrachameleon provided, just in case something IS out of whack
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