Does anyone elses cham hate mist?


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So I was misting monty today and I noticed he was moving.

He moved under 3 leaves and held onto the branch like he was going to go to sleep. Really close to the branch like he was scared. It was so cute looking.

"Don't spray me ahhh!" I didn't even spray him with any water. Left the basking spot dry too, he's just terrified of the mist :p
some chams hate it, some love it...My cham is bipolar.

He'll be basking while his misters go off, then i'll hand mist him to get out of his basking perch then he'll go sit under the misters and drink for a good 5 minutes lol. Majority of the time he'll cruise along his cage and run under the misters to cool down then continue to bask.

Now, If you ask about showers, he HATES showers :rolleyes:
I mist with warm water and my little guy runs for the most densely planted part of his enclosure. He hides behind the leaves and doesn't seem to like it much. He is getting better though. I have only had him 3 weeks.
Many chams react better to misting when you start the misting at the tail end--and use warm water, as mentioned.

Some of my chams actually wait for the timed misting, facing the mister and then sit in the mist after it turns on. Others run away and hide, drinking only off the dripping leaves.
Still others will wander over to the mister as it is spraying.
Yeah I always use hot water so it is comfy temperature when it reaches them. And I read the tip about starting at the tail but he still hates it :p
I quads love it, they would go to the hose close their eyes and open their mouths and drinks as much as they could
My guyz dont like getting sprayed either, and I always use warm water.
I just spray around them.
If it's like raindrops coming from the top, that's way different, that they do like.
I have a baby that loves misting sessions.


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