Does anybody know if this poop is normal


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My cham wont open his eyes, he is about a year old, i just got him like 5 fays ago, i had him on a fish tank. I was plannin on moving him today, all i do is spray water on him, what can i do?


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I tried to put some water on him when he opens his mouth but he made this expression like if he wanted to throw it up, then i waited a little and he opened his mouth and forced his body
How hard were you misting him??? IMHO its better to drip the water slowly one drooling at a time on the tip of his nose to get him to drink.
I have a feeling that he the throwing up might be because of the way you are watering him. It's not good to spray it into his mouth IMHO.
the orange urate definitely means dehydration. the runny poop is a sign of parasites but could just be from being dehydrated. i would do what kinyonga said and try dripping water on your chams nose. he may not be trying to throw up he may be gaping! he could have a upper respiratory infection if he was kept in a tank with to much humidity. i would get him out of the fish tank and into a mesh cage. then fill out the help form so we can see what you have been doing for care. hope your cham makes it!
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