Do your panther chameleon LOVE hissing roaches?


Hi there,

This was unexpected for me but my panthers LOVE Madagascar hissing roaches. They look pretty hard to chew so I was really surprised but even my female who does not like roaches much jump on it! I have to be careful because they will try to eat every size even if it seems too big.

I can feed them with soft over sized roaches just after the mold, when they are white, with no problem.

Do your panthers love them like that too? I wonder if it is because they are from Madagascar too so its their natural food?


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Interesting theory about them encountering each other in the wild. I'm not sure they would see much of each other because they are nocturnal, but maybe it is that early morning cross-over period.

Regardless, the extra chitin is good in combination with a soft-bodied insect like a hornworm or silkworm. As long as they don't get too much chitin in a week or month, it's all good ;)
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