do oustalets and verrucosus lay infertile clutches?

Laurie have you heard of them not laying infertile if they aren't stressed? I've had Lilly my oustalets for 5 months and last she laid was July last year.. I've heard that they only lay infertile if stressed.
The breeder I got her from said she will only lay infertile if she has been with a male recently. He is on here. jpricewood

She will only lay infertile AFTER she has been with a male? After she has been with a male is when she should be laying fertile eggs.

Laying infertile eggs can be a result of lots of things, temperature, overeating, and I am sure stress could be a cause also.
Not hooked up with a male but seen or been in a cage with. I trust his knowledge. He has a phd and is a biology and ecology conservationist. He got her as a project to study them. She is a wc from Florida. And just hasn't laid in 10 months now.
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