Do dubia roaches molt or is there something I should be worried about.

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So yesterday I went to my first reptile convention. There we bought about 40 dubia roaches. We got back to my house I setup a cage pictures below and fed four to my chameleon. the rest I let roam free for breeding since I'm breeding dubia roaches now. this morning when I woke up I came downstairs to give my dubia roaches greens. when I looked inside I found one dubia roach that was pretty much Hollow. The rest of them seemed okay from what I saw but that one dubia roach was just gone. is there something I should be worried about like one of them is eating the others or do they just mulch and I should pick the up the shell and throw it away. Any insight would be great thank you.


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Sorry I'm new to dubia roaches
It's ok sweetie I'm not trying to sound insulting. Just making sure you know that all arthropods and inverts molt. It's how they grow. Might have come off rude cause I'm sick and not typing right XD. But papery means it was a molt. The thicker kind of crunchy shells are eaten bodies that have already died usually before being eaten by nymphs unless you have a cleaner crew.
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