DIY Vines

Has anyone tried making the burlap, silicone vines? It says to use ones without mold inhibitors, haven’t had much luck finding the ones they recommended in the videos


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I tried to make those but it turned out to be really really messy and not really worth the effort. I would suggest buying vines from the store unless you are going for a really naturalistic look. I think I bought the silicon from a aquarium store. Just search for aquarium safe silicon if you are up for the challenge!! (y)
Haha yeah I have quite a few from the store, was hoping for a bit of a project , I just know some can release ammonia when they cure , and i saw most have the inhibitors , I just wanted to make sure it was safe, thank you :)


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Do you have a home depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart near you? I know they have clear ge I silicone which is essentially the same thing as the aquarium silicone for 1/4 the cost.

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I'll check my tubes when I get home to double check but sounds like you got silicone 2 possibly. Give me a bit to get off the road and I can give a bit more info.


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Ok thanks , good to know technically both are safe if cured properly , thanks again

Sorry, isopod maintenance day lol. Yes, each is designed to cure differently for different uses but both are 100% silicone. Many years ago I read a thread that had a reply from ge that stated they manufacture the all glass aquariums branded silicone and it is the same as ge 1. Part of their contract though is not stating ge 1 is aquarium safe.

I've used #2 on a reseal of one of my 75's with no issues though not intentionally. Though currently not in use it's been in there since 2005/ 2006. Lola's cage has #2 in it sealing the plastex corners. Just give plenty of gas off time.
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